Atomica Arts is an organization focused on developing the pure potential of all people by helping them understand their relationship with themselves and the world. Through meditation, theater and ayurveda we promote harmony and living in the present moment.


Atomica Arts believes that in order to change the world we need to change ourselves first. Like the Atom, every individual has infinite potential. We strive to help people realize their potential and develop a daily practice through mindfulness, creativity and self-knowledge.

Atomica Pillars 


The Art of Looking at Ourselves

Meditation is one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, remove stress, find inner peace and present moment awareness. 


The Art of Self-Care

Ayurveda is an ancient system of preventive health care, rejuvenation and longevity. It means science of life in Sanskrit and it is considered the worlds oldest medicine.


The Art of Looking at Human Actions

Each one of us is playing different roles in different situations. We are in the same time adults, children, husbands or wives, somebody’s boss or employee, drivers or pedestrians, neighbors, clients, etc. While we play many roles in life, we are not the roles we play. We are the players and creators of our own stories.

Cultural Competency

The Art of Social Change

When we change how we see ourselves, we change how we see the world. Our behaviors have behind them attitudes that reflect our values and our values are based on our beliefs. Beliefs are simply thoughts that think they are facts. Through self-awareness we can bring that to our consciousness and become the change we wish to see in the world.