Arts Integration and Foundations

Arts Education, Arts Integration and Professional Development

Atomica Arts is excited to consult with The Van Wezel Education & Community Engagement engaging educators and their students of all ages through Drama and Mindfulness and with Focus 5 Inc through online Arts Integration Online Residencies and Professional Development for teachers.

Van Wezel Education & Community Engagement:


Atomica’s Leadership, Maria Schaedler-Luera, is also proud to be consulting with The Sarasota Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Foundation. With the support of SPAC, Maria designs and pilots teaching models and workshops for county schools and nonprofits, focusing on culturally relevant teaching, bilingual programs, and mental health. Maria launched Van Wezel’s new arts and mindfulness program, ARTself. She has worked collaboratively with the Resilient Retreat to lead first responders and helping professionals in the creative process to address trauma. classes and workshops.

Maria also serves as a consultant for The Patterson Foundation where she serves as a Team Engagement member, providing strategic expertise for the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-level Reading.