Fall 2019 Happy Hour Classes

We are really excited to offer our first series of Happy Hour Meditation, Applied Theater and Ayurvedic classes.

Check out the schedule below and go to events to reserve your spot!

Week 1-  Introduction

Meditation Monday-8/26/19- Meditation: the what, why and how

Applied Theater Tuesday-8/27/19- We are all actors!

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-8/28/19 Ayurveda: The Science of Life


Week 2- Stress Management

Meditation Monday-09/02/19- The antidote to stress

Applied Theater Tuesday-09/03/19- Derailing real life tragedies with imagination

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-09/04/19- The senses and stress


Week 3- The art of being you

Meditation Monday-09/09/19- The layers of life

Applied Theater Tuesday-09/10/19- Becoming Picasso

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-09/11/19- Prakriti & Vikriti


Week 4- Our Journey

Meditation Monday-09/16/19- The software of the Soul

Applied Theater Tuesday-09/17/19- The roles we play in life

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-09/18/19- Karma and Dharma


Week 5- Practicalities

Meditation Monday-09/23/19-  Perfecting your meditation practice

Applied Theater Tuesday-09/24/19- The actor’s workout

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-09/25/19- Daily and Seasonal Ayurvedic Routines


Week 6- The sense of Hearing

Meditation Monday-09/30/19- Mantras and chants

Applied Theater Tuesday-10/01/19- Listening to what we hear

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-10/02/19- The Ether Element in Ayurveda


Week 7- The sense of Touch

Meditation Monday-10/07/19- Feeling the breath

Applied Theater Tuesday-10/08/19- Feeling what we touch

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-10/09/19- The Air Element in Ayurveda


Week 8- The sense of Sight

Meditation Monday-10/14/19-  Our mind’s eye

Applied Theater Tuesday-10/15/19- Seeing what we look at

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-10/16/19- The Fire Element in Ayurveda


Week 9- The sense of Taste

Meditation Monday-10/21/19-  Food for non-thought

Applied Theater Tuesday-10/22/19- Be like water

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-10/23/19- The Water Element in Ayurveda


Week 10- The sense of Smell

Meditation Monday-10/28/19- Grounding meditations

Applied Theater Tuesday-10/29/19- The memory of the senses

Ayurvedic Wisdom Wednesday-10/30/19- The Earth Element in Ayurveda

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